Guide: the PPP framework (Progress, Plans, Problems)

Learn about the simplest and most effective way to update your boss, team or investors.

Product builder, Founder of Oneteam

PPP framework is a super simple method that can help anyone achieve 3 really important things:

  1. Keep your stakeholders up-to-date,
  2. Help yourself be more focused,
  3. Help yourself prioritise the most important tasks.

And the best part? It requires just a couple of minutes a week to implement it. Who wouldn’t want to exchange a few minutes for a happier and more productive team?

So what does a PPP update consists of?

It’s very simple. It’s made up of three parts.

You update your stakeholders with your:

Can I see an example of a PPP update?

Sure, here you go 👇




Want this kind of email template? 👉 Get it here.

What makes the PPP framework so effective?

Who else uses PPPs?

Various teams at Apple, Facebook, Skype,, Seedcamp, Cognifide and other successful companies.

Hm, interesting. Can I read more stories from other people using PPPs?

Sure, here are a few stories from people using PPPs successfuly:

And a few more tweets from well-known entrepreneurs:

Don't complain about how hard you are working. That never works.

Maybe just send a weekly update sharing everything you got done this week and are working on.

Now, that works like a charm.

— Jason M. Lemkin 🦄 (@jasonlk) April 22, 2018

I send a weekly Engineering Highlights email to provide key updates to the team and executives.

Purpose is to share context internally as well as to other departments.

Sent the first one after 4 days at the company.

— Ron Pragides (@mrp) April 22, 2018

I’ve recently adopted a habit of setting 3–5 weekly goals. @Padday does a good job of articulating why this is effective. h/t @kaz

— Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover) December 11, 2017

We use Slack. Can we use PPPs there?

Sure, you can try our Slack app Oneteam. We took the best parts of the PPP framework and make it fit into Slack. Check it out →