Simple weekly goal setting for Slack teams๐Ÿ‘Œ

Help your team focus on what matters. Oneteam enables your team to set weekly goals and see everyone's progress. All in Slack.

Set it up in a minute. It's free.

Best managers work with clear goals ๐Ÿ‘‡

Sheryl SandbergFacebook

She pushes her teams to strive for ruthless prioritization. See video โ†’

Warren BuffetBerkshire Hathaway

The famous investor is known for his simple 5-20 goals rule. See video โ†’

Sam AltmanY-Combinator

He is obsessed with strict lists of prioritized goals. Read more โ†’

David CancelDrift

He rallies his teams at Drift around a few clear goals. See video โ†’

Noah KaganSumo

His biggest growth hack is to always focus on one goal. See video โ†’

Hiten ShahFYI & Crazy Egg

He advises all teams to align around the biggest problem. See video โ†’

How Oneteam helps you do the same


Team members set their weekly goals

Each Monday morning Oneteam asks your team members to list up to 3 main goals for the week.


Result: Better task prioritization

This constraint gently pushes everyone to think hard about priorities and what they can realistically accomplish within a week.


Goals are shared within the Slack team

Weekly goals are shared in a common Slack channel so everyone is on the same page.


Result: Increased accountability

Broadcasting goals within the team improves accountability and increases a sense of urgency.


Team members report progress & problems

During the week everyone is asked to quickly report their progress & problems. These are shared with the team.


Result: Collaborative problem solving

Because achievements and problems are reported and discussed openly, they get tackled early and fast.

What Oneteam brings your team?

Focus on key goals

Publishing goals publicly helps everyone to focus on what matters.

Stay in sync

Quickly see what everyone is working on and how it's going.

Brings remote members closer

Set goals in async manner and stay on the same page.

No more boring meetings

Have meetings to solve problems instead of reporting status.

No more emails

Everything is in Slack: goals, progress, problems, notifications.

Reduces bottlenecks

Problems and bottlenecks get surfaced & solved quickly.

Steal the secret of top performers

Help your team focus with simple weekly goals.

Set it up in a minute. It's free.

Who else works with weekly goals? ๐Ÿ‘‡

Frequently asked questions

Is Oneteam based on the PPP (Progress, Plans, Problems) framework?

Yes! The PPP framework has been popularized by some of the world's best companies (Facebook, Skype). You can read more about it here.

With Oneteam we took some of the ingredients that made PPP great, built it natively in Slack and tweaked a few things to make it even more effective.

We already use Trello, Jira or some other tool. Can Oneteam still help us?

Great question. Oneteam is not a task management tool and also not a replacement for any of these tools.

The main purpose of Oneteam is to help everyone think about a few high level things that they want to get done during a week. And then communicate them out to the whole team. These goals usually then translate into one or more tickets in a task management tool. Or even just land on a paper as a long to-do list. Whatever makes you most productive and focused on achieving these goals.

I do mainly recurring tasks. Can they fit into Oneteam?

Ongoing tasks can fit into Oneteam if you rephrase them into actionable goals.

For example: letโ€™s say youโ€™re a recruiter. While you obviously do a lot of screening and interviews, thatโ€™s not a very useful and measurable goal. Instead, you could set yourself goals like "Send 3 job offers" or "Get 2 candidates to the last stage of our interviewing process".

Do you have some tips for defining goals?

A question we found helpful when setting goals is: โ€œComing this Friday - what would I be proud to have done this week?โ€

Thatโ€™s why we encourage simple, achievable and measurable goals.

We wrote a more detailed guide to setting SMART goals. Check it out.

Can we use Oneteam if we donโ€™t use Slack?

Unfortunately not. We are currently fully commited to build Oneteam only on the Slack platform.